Sunflower Books is now online offering the same high quality new books and an ever growing inventory of used books! Browse our shop to find your next great read or the perfect gift.

A message from the owner, Murray Sampson

Sunflower Books in La Grande, OR, was my favorite bookstore growing up. I spent many hours there browsing for my next great read or just chatting with Pam and Lani. When I was young I spent part of my school day there writing book reports and reading. I went on to work at two major bookstores in Oregon, earned my Masters in Library science in 2011, and continued working in bookstores in Seattle until 2019.

I thought Sunflower Books was such a great fixture in La Grande and was very sad to see it close. However, I’m glad to have been able to work with Lani to re-open as an online store! It’s been my dream ever since childhood to own a store like Sunflower Books and the opportunity to bring it back is just fantastic. I’m also pleased to be able to expand beyond new books into the realm of high quality used books. This means great deals for you on the titles you love.

One of my favorite things about selling books is knowing I’ve put something wonderful into a customer’s hands. They will get hours of enjoyment from this simple item and be transported to another world or filled with new knowledge about the world around us. Maybe, like with the travel guide for the couple that came home and told me all about their honeymoon in Italy, the book I sell will help create lasting memories, something to look back on fondly in later years. Maybe I’ll introduce someone to a poem that changes how they view the world. Mostly I’ll just help people find enjoyment in the simple act of reading.

Here at Sunflower Books I’m all about getting books into people’s hands. Whether you want to buy single titles through Sunflower’s online store or get in depth help creating a custom library for your home, I’m here to help. I can conduct book searches to find rare and out of print titles or just get you the next book in the series you love. Have a special interest but don’t have the time to create a collection around it? I can help with that. I have a few of my own, including signed first editions of famous sci-fi and fantasy authors, and an extensive library on fencing, both historic and modern. I will put the same care into your collection that I have put into mine.

I also offer services such as assisting with liquidating extensive libraries from estates and selling books on commission. What I can’t sell, I can either take to another store on your behalf or help you donate to charity for a tax write off. Sales are split on a percentage basis.

In short, whatever your book-related needs, I can help. With years of experience in the industry you’ll find I’m knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful and I look forward to assisting you in whatever way I can.

-Murray Sampson