Flight – Book Review

One of my favorite genres is the graphic novel. I love picking one up and enjoying not just the story but the art. The Watchmen, Blankets, The Sandman – all have been great reads. Today, though, is about one of my absolute favorites: Flight.

Flight is actually a series of graphic novels based around the theme of, you guessed it, flight. Each book is a collection of short form graphic stories from various artists and authors. The art is consistently beautiful and wonderfully varied, letting you get a glimpse into the style of multiple artists.

Perhaps my favorite of the stories is by Vera Brosgol. It is the story of a young woman who wakes up one day with wings growing on her back. She and her friend explore the implications and possibilities. Brosgol’s art is fantastic and I recommend checking out all of her works. Her early work, Return to Sender, was one of my favorite web comics and I have always been sad that she left it unfinished. However, she has followed it up with a wonderful career including Anya’s Ghost and work for the movie studio Laika, makers of Coraline and The Boxtrolls. Check out her blog at www.verabee.com.

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